Meetings at Forest Cottages.

Forest Cottages is the best location for your next meeting.

At Forest Cottages, we love guests. We are here to make your meeting memorable and on point. We have curated a full experience that has you in mind. Our professionally trained chefs are on hand to prepare fresh meals using fresh herbs.

Our meeting rooms are well planned to help drive productivity. We are also flexible and can plan a meeting room according to your taste and desire.


Meetings at Forest Cottages.

We are at an exceptional situation globally there’s need to be careful.

We at Forest Cottages care and have put in place the right physical social distancing and international safety measures to ensure our guests are safe.

We have updated our meeting rooms to the current conventional SOPs. Our kitchen is also updated with the right SOPs that will make you feeling safe always.

feel safe
feel safe


Make your next meeting a success by coming to Forest Cottages. We are always ready to delight you. We have reduced the capacity of each venue to 30 % of normal capacity, maintaining social distance regulations of 1.5 meters between each guest.

This is to ensure that our guest maintain proper social distancing during meeting.


Hand sanitizers are provided to the entrance of each venue. Regular disinfecting of high touch areas is done throughout the day. Each table, chair, door handle are disinfected before each meeting and at the end of the day.

Our Staff ensure that company provided PPE is worn at all times. Buffet menus are not available until further notice, alternative menus are provided.

feel safe
feel safe

Main Lobby and Entrance

All guests entering Forest Cottages must walk through the disinfectant pod. Temperature checks are conducted on every person entering. Any guests showing symptoms of a high fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat or difficulty breathing is isolated and medical assistance is arranged through The Ministry of Health. All guests are advised to sanitize their hands.

All guests luggage is handled by the guest until further notice.All guests entering the resort are required to wear a facemask, the resort provides one for those that do not have. All guests are required to complete the guest entry logbook, details including the guest full name, telephone contact details, time of visit, and country or district of residence. All high touch surfaces are disinfected regularly.

Staff Health

We provide information, training and briefings on a daily basis of all relevant information and practices that are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in accordance with recommendations from W.H.O, C.D.C, and The Ministry of Health. All staff entering the premises and main buildings are required to be temperature checked and will be required to disinfect their hands with disinfectant provided.

All staff are required to wear face masks which are provided by the company. Frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer is observed and practiced during shifts.Staff facilities (change rooms and cafeteria) are cleaned and sanitized twice a day.All utensils in the staff cafeteria are washed thoroughly using dish washing liquid and water, properly rinsed and dried.

feel safe
feel safe


Information on sanitization norms are placed in the restaurants. We Reduced the number of tables, allowing the restaurant to maintain social distancing between tables, maintaining the 1.5 meters between tables. Seating at individual tables has been reduced to half the normal capacity. We encourage guests to do Lunch or dinner reservations.
Our Service staff maintain a 1.5 meter distance from the guests when interacting, this excludes the time of food and beverage service.

Hand sanitizers are available at all entrances to food and beverage outlets. Guests are advised to make use of the sanitized swabs when paying by card. All high touch areas are sanitized frequently. All menus, tables and chairs are sanitized after each use. All service staff wash their hands with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer before picking up orders.