Discover The Experience At Forest Cottages

Forest Cottages

Perfect Place

To Enjoy Leisure Time

Feel the touch of nature in our comfortable and unique environment

Swimming Pool

All our residential guests of Forest cottages are entitled to use swimming pool on complimentary basis.

We boast of fantastic and luxurious leisure swimming pools to swim at Forest cottages, splash or do nothing but relax.
You can enjoy a great afternoon in our 2 solar heated swimming pools. The Family Pool has a splash pool ideal for toddlers built within it. It is well shaded and an ideal venue for family pool parties.
Opening Hours: 06:00 – 20:00 hrs

Bird Watching

Selectively planted smaller trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers make Forest Cottages an inspiring destination for nature lovers and eco tourists alike.

Our grounds provide a small sanctuary for forest wildlife such as coloured turacos, hornbills, and an additional 20 bird species.


As a residential guest of Forest Cottages, you can book sauna session at your convenience and charge accordingly.

The Sauna at Forest Cottages is a destination and day spa that offers a uniquely customized level of service where each moment of the journey caters to the guest’s selected intention. Through the careful stimulation of senses, guests are enveloped in a haven of relaxation. A treatment at our day sauna is a perfect way to relax and smoothen your life.
Experience the ultimate in relaxation and have your treatment in your room or cosy sauna.